Lawsons Cougars! 

In an extremely proud day for the club and a day that meant a whole lot more than a game of Football. 
We are so pleased to announce that we've raised a total of over $7000 dollars for both the family and worlds greatest shave foundation! However the most pleasing part of the day was seeing the smile on everyones face in particular that of our little mate Lawson. 
As a club we would like to thank everyone for their donations and are truly humbled by the amount of people who reached into their wallets or sat in the seat to shave or colour their heads. A special mention to Daniel Bakker who was able to raise close to $1200 dollars towards this great cause aswell as shaving his head! 
We would also like to thank Louise Oakley & Cam Skelton for their work on the shavers as well as the committee for the job they did to ensure today to be possible!
Moving forward we would like to wish Lawson aswell as the Doughty, Appleton and Groome families as one all the best as they continue the battle against cancer!


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