'One of those days'.


Following a couple of wins and getting themselves back into the pack, the cougars travelled out to Forest Hill in a game that had been circled on the calendar at the beginning of the year as a must win. 

Although Coldstream had been galant in their previous losses to Whitehorse and East Burwood they were yet to take a big EFL Scalp and looked good to do so early in the first quarter where they had all the play. Todd Clayton was getting his hand on the ball in the ruck and giving Lauchy Craig first chance at it to move the ball forward. The first 4 scores went Coldstreams way, the only problem being that there was only one goal on the board. 
Swiftly Forest Hill answered and at quarter time had 4 scoring shots of their own... 4 straight goals. 

Hoping the last 15 minutes of the quarter was just a bad patch the boys ran back into position hoping to turn the match around. This however was not the case. Forest Hill's desperation and physicality around the football made our boys look afraid at times and almost always on the back foot. Craig and Clayton continued to battle and along with Chris Whitchell were the only shining lights for the Cougars in the first half. 

Up until this point of the season the boys had been un-questioned in regard to their effort at the contest and spread around the ground. But today was the polar opposite, poor decision making, lack of foot skills and a lack of interest resulted in things going from bad to worse. 

Daniel Price and Daniel Versteegan stepped up in the second half to join the few who put up a resistance but it was few and far between with margin continuing to build. 

The game would be left as one to forget and one of those days where simply nothing was going right.

In the end Forest hill would run out 67 point winners. 

The Final Score: Coldstream 9.11.65 defeated by Forest Hill 20.12.132

Goal Kickers: C. Whitchell 5, D. Carrigan 1, C. Shield 1, D. Price 1, 
D. Versteegan 1

Best Players: L. Craig, C. Whitchell, T. Clayton, D. Versteegan.

Next week the boys return home to take on Nunawading in a game they are expecting to win.


Hugely undermanned and struck with injuries and illness the boys took to the field with a range of new faces and to begin the game only one person on the bench. 

The effort on the field though couldn't be questioned however as the boys took the challenge up to a Forest Hill side who's reserves had only lost 3 games over the previous 3 seasons. First quarter goals to Daniel Sharp and Justin Wiggins had the boys with their noses in front and thinking that there was a possibility of having one of the greatest upsets in EFL history. 

Down back Justin Roberts was coming across to impact almost every aerial contest and 
prevent the opposition from scoring whilst Michael Hendley and Ryan Kerr were adding
poise and skills to help propel attacks. 

Returning from a prolonged absence the boys were pleased to see Zac Brown back in
the side adding his regular dash to help break the game open. In and around the footy
Patty Spendlove, Lachy Robertson and Ryan Proven were all throwing their weight
around to ensure the boys a fighting chance. 

As so often is the case for our boys though things began to change and we were unable 
to stem the flow of goals being kicked by our opposition. Forest Hill kicking 11 of the last
15 goals to run away with a comfortable victory in the end.

For a side that was so heavily undermanned, the Cougars should leave today packed 
full of confidence and head into Nunawading next week with a win at all costs mentality, 
now knowing that our best can well and truly mix it with the best sides in division 4.

Final Score: Coldstream 6.5.41 Def by Forest Hill 13.16.94.

Goal Kickers: J.Pegg 2, J,Wiggins 2, D.Sharp, L.Schack.

Best Players: J.Roberts, Z.Brown, R.Provan, L.Robertson, P.Spendlove 

Next week the boys return home to take on Nunawading who are also undefeated at this current stage!

Hope to see you there


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