Cougars go back to back 



Following their first win for season 2018 the Cougars returned home to tackle Surrey Park in a perfect day for Footy. 

Over the off season Surrey had placed an emphasis on becoming younger and quicker which was a change from previous contests. It seemed to take the Cougars by surprise as the away side jumped out of the gate with the first goal of the game. Quickly and calmly our boys fought back in what was an uptempo first quarter. Ruckman Todd Clayton was doing a terrific job in the ruck getting his hand on the footy first to give mids first use. As a result Cam Shield, Jai Deacon, Lauchy Craig, Sean McCarthy and Darcy Carrigan ran amuck early getting clean ball out of the centre to give the forwards plenty of opportunity. 
Early there was clear mismatches up forward with Darcy Fritsch dominating in one on one contested regularly out marking his opponent with clever use of his body. First quarter goals to Fritsch, Carrigan and Anthony Faulkner helped the boys open up a 19 point lead at quarter time (Coldstream 4.2.26 v Surrey Park 1.1.7). 

Although the scores seemed one sided the match was not with the Panthers playing a very similar style to our boys, spreading hard from the contest after initially focusing on the defensive aspect of the game. 

In the second quarter the arm wrestle continued with only 5 goals scored between the sides, Chris Whitchell kicking home 2 of them before Daniel Versteegan provided his normal 50+ metre bomb to kick home his 3rd of the season. To this point of the game our main strength was our backline, Brendan Dickinson was doing a terrific job coming third man up at the contest to assist our other defenders while also providing plenty of bounce off out of the backline. 

At half time our boys spoke about the importance of slamming the door shut to begin the third quarter and ensuring that we came out strong. Unfortunately this didn't go to plan. Undisciplined acts led to repeat shots on goal for Surrey Park and before too long the lead had gone from over 30 points down to 16 points. With 5 minutes to go in the third quarter Surrey had another shot on goal to really give them a sniff going into the last change but missed and saw the ball rebound down the other end for Faulkner to boot home his 2nd of the contest. 
During the third quater crowd favourite Chol Majok went down with a minor hamstring  injury which would see him miss the remainder of the contest. 

After the lacklustre start to the third quarter the boys came into the huddle knowing that they had left the door ajar for their oppositions and came out strong to start the fourth quarter. Goals to Shield, Faulkner, Carrigan and Tim Smith put the game beyond doubt. In the end the Cougars running out 50 point winners.

Final Score: Coldstream 13.15.93 defeated Surrey Park 6.7.43

Goal Kickers: C. Whitchell 3, A. Faulkner 3, D. Carrigan 2, D. Fritsch 2, D.Versteegan 1, C. Shield 1, T. Smith 1.

Best Players: B. Dickinson, C.Shield, D.Carrigan, A.Faulkner, B.Thomas, T. Clayton.

Next week the boys travel up to Forest Hill to take on another of division fours stronger sides.

After another game which the boys weren't able to put four quarters together against Silvan, they returned home to take on Surrey Park who were also looking to bounce back after a loss the previous week.
Early on the boys came out firing with the oldest three players on the park (John Pignataro, Leam Doughty and Adam Dale) booting home the first three goals of the contest to open up a 19 point lead. At this stage it seemed that Surrey Park were yet to make it out of their change rooms, the confidence seemed to be flowing through the boys as they played a great style of footy taking on the opposition and using the wide spaces of their home ground to their advantage. 
From this moment on though the boys seemed to stop and for all their hard work in the first quarter, they headed to the first change back where they started the match, all tied up at 20 points a piece. 

Confused coach Jamie Pegg demanded that the side go back to how they started the game and play with the sense of freedom and defensive pressure that had given them the lead. Ryan Proven and Jack Lightbound had shown their defensive work-rate with repeated efforts right in front of the Cougar Cheer squad and received praise at quarter time but more of this intensity had to be provided for longer periods of time if they wanted to end the game on top. 

The start of the second quarter couldn't have been much different to the start of the
first. 2 quick Surrey Park goals opened up a 13 half time lead as our boys were unable
to kick any majors during the second term. Down back Ryan Kerr and Michael Hendley
were doing well to stem the flow of the opposition however weren't receiving too much

Heading into the third quarter the boys knew that if they were to win the game they
would have to do so with aggressive play and begin putting the score on the board.
After 4 straight behinds the boys showed that they were up for the fight but were just
battling to put the ball through the big sticks. Dave Truman and Justin Roberts stepped
up and delivered a goal each as the boys continued to work hard. With 5 minutes to go
in the third term the margain had been reduced to just one point and all signs seemed
to point towards a Cougar victory! Patty Spendlove and Jeff Akers were instrumental
again in the middle of the ground doing the grunt work to allow scoring oppotunities
for our boys. 
However just as the first half the boys dropped away at the end of the quarter to
conceed 2 quick goals,  stopping their momentum and almost putting a dagger in
their heart. After all the hard work that they'd done through out the quarter the margin
was still very similar to that at half time. 

After throwing all they had at the Surrey Park Panthers in the third quarter, our boys
were out on their feet and battled hard to give themselves a chance, but wasteful kicking
again proved our main difficulty 3 behind to 3 straight goals in the last quarter resulted
in another respectable defeat. In the end the Panthers too good for the Cougars running away 23 point victors.

Final Score: Coldstream 5.11.41 Def by Surrey Park 10.4.64

Goal Kickers: A.Dale, J.Roberts, J.Pignataro, L.Doughty, D.Trueman.

Best Players: R.Kerr, P.Spendlove, S.Stern, M,Hendley, J.Akers, D.Trueman

Next week the boys travel out to Forest Hill for one of the toughest gigs in division 4 football! 
Hope to see you there


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