Cougars get first win on the board 


After losing their first two games of the season, the Cougars travelled up the mountain to take on local rivals Silvan in a game that they had to win. Prior to the game Coldstream Coach Chad Rogers asked for the boys to start the game with a high intensity and match their opposition in and around the contest especially being on such a small ground. As opposed to the previous two weeks, Chads prayers were answered and the boys jumped out of the gate with Chris Whitchell and Sean McCarthy kicking the first two goals of the contest. The next 20 minutes of the quarter were dominated by the opposition with Silvan kicking 5 unanswered goals before Whitchell slotted home his second of the quarter from deep on the boundary line. Silvan leading by 9 points at the first break. 

The start of the second quarter saw the boys around the stoppages with Todd Clayton, Cam Shield, Jai Deacon, Sean McCarthy, Darcy Carrigan and Lauchy Craig getting on top of the hard ball and using their speed to run away from their opposition. This resulted in a 7 goal term for the boys as they headed into the main break 17 points in front. Down back Rodney Williams and Brendan Dickinson were doing a sensational job on the two main Silvan forwards while Brad Wotton and Liam Koger were peeling off to drop in the hole and out number the opposition.

After half time it was much of the same from the Coldstream side, the attitude changed to defence first and working forward from there and it payed dividends with the transition of the Cougars being to strong for the other side. Third quarter goals to Toby Griffin, Chris Whitchell and Anthony Faulkner pushed the lead out again heading into the final change.

Rogers demanded the boys crack in hard for the first five minutes to guarantee the win and this was what happened. Repeat stoppages drained away the time before Whitchell kicked home his 5th of the day, McCarthy kicked his second and Carrigan snapped truely from the boundary line to all but seal Silvans fate. With seconds left to go Daniel Versteegan hit Carrigan who put home his fourth goal after the siren, sealing the boys first victory for season 2018.

The final score: Coldstream 19.9.123 Def Silvan 11.10.76.

Huge congratulations to coach Chad Rogers aswell as players Brad Wotton, Anthony Faulkner, Chris Whitchell, Liam Koger, Cam Shield and Lachy Schack for getting their first win at the club aswell as to Tim Smith for acheiving his first seniors victory.  

After the game Chad praised his boys for the way they stood up when being challenged and said that when they are switched on there was no reason they couldn't challenge for the top of the table at seasons end. The presentation of the Brett Hartman medal for the best player on the ground between Silvan and Coldstream was presented to Cam Shield post game who stood out with his relentless pressure and work rate both offensively and defensively. 

Goal Kickers: C. Whitchell 6, D.Carrigan 4, A.Faulkner 2, S.McCarthy 2, D.Fritsch 2, D.Versteegan 1, C.Majok 1, T.Griffin 1.

Best Players: C. Shield, D.Carrigan, C.Whitchell,  J.Deacon, S.McCarthy.

Next week the boys return home to take on Surrey Park in a game they expect to win! Hope to see you there.


Following a second consecutive loss to Whitehorse last week, the Reserves travelled out to take on the morning fog and local rivals Silvan with the boys aiming to bring home their first win of the season. Unlike the previous two weeks, the reserves threw everything at their opposition in the first half with Chase Coley kicking the first goal of the game as he so often does whilst he also setting the tone with his repeat efforts at and around the contest, another goal followed and although the boys trailed at quarter time they felt as though they were still well on top. 

The second quarter proved how dominant the Coldstream side could be when they play together as a unit and give their forwards a chance, Adam Dale and Johnny Pignataro looking dangerous when given the opportunity to compete one on one. Down back Hayden Long was doing a terrific job at times spoiling the ball away from not just his direct opponent but 3-4 of the Silvan players. At half time the boys ran in to the change rooms leading by 17 points and looking to over run their opposition as the game continued. The score Coldstream 5.3.33 vs Silvan 2.4.16. 

The third quarter began almost completely opposite to the first quarter with Silvan
booting home 3 quick goals to take the lead. Unfortunately for Coldstream they couldn't 
strike back with injuries to Ryan Kerr, Andrew Barling and Chase Coley only making
matters worse for the boys as they continued to fall further and further behind on the 
scoreboard. The third quarter illustrated this with only one behind being scored by the 
boys which proving their struggles. 

At three quarter time coach Jamie Pegg begged for the boys to continue the fight and
keep their heads up despite the constant injuries and obstacles. The boys fought hard
and when Justin Wiggins kicked home a goal their was a sniff of a surprise comeback,
however the boys were unable to kick on with Silvan running away comfortable winners 
in the end. The boys walked off batted and bruised but showed in the first half glimpses
of what they were capable of doing when they worked together as a unit. 

Final Score: Coldstream 6.7.43 Def by Silvan 10.14.74

Goal Kickers: A.Dale 2, C.Coley, J.Pignataro, J.Wiggins, A.Zerbst, R.Kerr

Best Players: H.Long, M.Hendley, M.Grant, L.Robertson, P.Spendlove

Next week the boys return home in a game against Surrey Park and one that they expect to win! 


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