Cougars go down Fighting


After a long pre season round one was finally upon the Coldstream side as they travelled to East Burwood Reserve to take on one of division fours most fancied sides.  

The game began with East Burwood jumping out of the gates in front of their home crowd booting two quick goals before the Cougars could settle into the match. For the next 10-15 minutes the game became a real struggle with both sides fighting hard for the contested ball and clearly showing a major emphasis on tackling pressure, Jai Deacon setting the standard with his repeated efforts and relentless attitude. After goals to Chris Witchell and Mitch Edmonds the boys managed to gain momentum going into the first change one down by one behind. 

The second quarter displayed a similar image to the first with the East Burwood Football Club getting the first 3 goals on the board, opening up a 20 point lead as they managed to get some overlap run and clean footy outside of the contest. Again the young Coldstream side turned up their pressure and managed to kick the next two goals.
At half time the boys trailed 6.6.42 v East Burwood 4.5.29.

During the main break Head Coach Chad Rogers seemed quietly confident that the boys could run over the top of their opposition if they tightened the screws and prevented the Rams from getting the clean ball. And for the first 15 minutes of the third quarter this is what occurred. Darcy Carrigan began to cut loose using his running ability to create overlap opportunities which allowed one on one contests for the Coldstream forwards. Darcy Fritsch began using his strength to his advantage as he banged home two third quarter goals to show his growth over the off season.

When the third quarter siren sounded all the momentum seemed to be with the Cougars as they ran in to the huddle confident they could cause a huge upset and leave with the chocolates. The backline was holding up well with Luke McPhee setting the standard seemingly using his body as a battering ram as he ran through countless opponents.

Unfortunately for the our boys the Rams were there to ruin the party, kicking the first four goals of the last quarter to all but seal the match. Trailing by 35 points the Cougars seemed to be out on their feet but as they had all day, they showed resilience with Carrigan, Witchell and Lauchy Craig kicking last quarter goals to keep the scoreboard respectable and giving the boys a more accurate result for how hard they worked. 

The final score: Coldstream 10.10.70 Def By East Burwood 13.9.87.

Goal Kickers: D.Fritsch 3, C.Witchell 2, D.Carrigan 2, L.Craig 1, M.Edmonds 1, C.Majok 1, 

Best Players: L.Craig, D.Fritsch, L.Mcphee, D.Carrigan, T.Clayton, C.Shield

Next week the Cougars play their first game at home against Whitehorse who when they last met knocked the boys out of the finals. See you guys there!  


The boys took off to take on an East Burwood side that were a bit of an unknown in season 2018. Coldstream themselves were also trying to find an identity after a lot of new players put on the big V as they ran out for game number one of the new year. This proved evident as they were unable to kick home a goal in the first half of footy, East Burwood moving the ball wherever they deemed fit and making our boys look second rate at times.  

At Half Time coach Jamie Pegg demanded more effort from his boys and it showed with
them beginning to win the ball around the contest and being the more physical side.
In return it prevented East Burwood from getting the overlapping run that they had
early on and saw them take a backward step when they were around the footy. After
not kicking a goal in the first half the boys kicked two in the third quarter through
Lachy Schack and Jeff Akers to get some reward for their effort. 

The physical play was what was needed and with repeated stoppages it allowed
clearance specialists in Aaron Brown and Daniel Witanga to get their hands on the footy
and give their forwards a one on one opportunity. 

The fourth quarter remained much the same, the game remained contested with
players throwing their bodies in and under around the packs. Although the boys were
unable to put the score on the board they way they played in the second half should
give them confidence as they move onto next week to take on Whitehorse at home! 

Final Score: Coldstream 2.2.14 Def by East Burwood 14.10.94

Goal Kickers: J.Akers, L.Schack

Best Players: L.Schack, A.Brown, D.Trueman, D.Witanga, S.Hartley, H.Long


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