Darcy Carrigan
(Senior Co-Captain)

Playing number: #11

Nickname: Cawwo 

Playing postion: Running a muck through the midfield or kicking a bag up forward

D.O.B: Late 90's

AFL team followed: The mighty Bombers

Pre Game Rituals (if any): Place about 40 bets on at 10 bucks a race. Get real excited about having one thats going to win only to find out the jockeys been using peptides. As a result throw my phone on the ground and start booting footballs at all the boys while they play Keep Ups with the Footy.

Which team mate would you most like to have as your wingman (or ve your wingman too) & why? I'd wingman Camma cause he's awkward to watch! 

Player Sponsor: Available for Sponsorship.


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Coldstream Football and Netball Club: EST 1890